About Faro Industries, Inc

Local Roots With a Global Reach

A Colorful Beginning

The year was about 1970.  Two men walked into the office of a new plastics jobber near downtown Rochester, NY carrying a cube-shaped metal frame measuring about four-feet on each side.  They asked Matt McConville, the young owner of the shop, if he could create plastic panels to enclose the box to their specifications.  When Matt asked what the device was, they declined to answer.  Puzzled, but always glad for a new customer, Matt and his staff proceded to give the mysterious prototype their typical full care and attention.

polishLike most prototypes, the secret project's design turned out to be something of a moving target.  "That one's good, but this time let's nudge those mounting holes to the left another two millimeters."  They appreciated Faro's quick turnarounds, made possible in part by their willingness and ability to make their own molds and tools in-house right on the spot!  As time went by, Faro received more and more work from this growing Rochester-area firm.

The customer was Xerox, and the secret prototype was none other than the Xerox's first color copier: The 6500 (see photo above-right).  In time Eastman Kodak would also come to appreciate Faro's unique skillset, and for many years the trucks of both corporate giants could be seen coming and going from Faro's production facility on Lyell Avenue near downtown Rochester.

A Special Thanks

We're thankful for the loyalty of our many customers, especially in today's challenging economic environment. We're also grateful and proud to have such a dedicated staff - many of whom have been with us for decades!